Taking a picture doesn't just mean pressing the shutter button on the camera. Image composition, playing with aperture and shutter speed, the correct position of the camera and  a lot  are more - besides the final  Image editing -  decisive whether the picture is also liked.  Behind every photo there are numerous decisions, a lot of feeling and work. Get to know me and my pictures, discover my style and my works. 


After a few years in my traditional profession as a cook, I put the wooden spoon aside and became a police officer and police dog handler.


I also worked intensively on photography and later professionalized myself further with the purchase of my first digital camera in 2004.  

My passion as a nature and wildlife photographer began with my first trip to Africa in 2004.  

In the meantime I have continuously developed myself with courses and photo trips, the Internet and tutorials, and have also worked intensively on photo editing. 

I mainly do my photography as a leisure activity and as a balance to my job. I am often out and about with my partner, Maya von Dach. Occasionally I also take on orders for shootings and wedding photography. If you are interested, please contact me using the contact form. I would be happy to send you an offer.


I hope you enjoy browsing my website.

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Manfred Suter